Raising funds is as easy as A(ccredited) – B(lockchain) – C(ompliant)!

At Propine, we understand your need for an alternative, secure, regulatory-compliant and cost effective method to raise funds digitally. Together with our ecosystem of trusted partners, we offer bespoke solutions and guide you through every step of the process to realise the benefits of digital securities.

Why us?

Lower Cost

The traditional method currently used to support securities issuance is a paper-intensive processes that reduces efficiency. As a result, risk management becomes tedious and costly. The replacement with blockchain enabled automation leads to a reduction of intermediaries and improves efficiency of securities issuance, thereby driving down overall costs. Through smart contract, processes related to investors accreditation verifications, compliance as well as money laundering avoidance will be automated.

Safe and Compliant

At Propine, the development and maintenance of smart contracts are undertaken by an expert in-house team of Blockchain engineers which passes multiple rounds of quality check to ensure safety, security, and quality. Compliance will be automated and built into the smart contracts of the tokenized securities, making the solution much more reliable and secure than existing alternatives. In addition, the assets will be held in fully segregated accounts in the name of the end customers.

Ease of Trading – Liquidity

Our close partnerships with regulated security token exchanges allow digital securities listing and trading during post-holding period. The trading platforms are open around the clock and provide immediate transactions, much faster with less artificial delays between buyers and sellers. This will enable better access to international investors and trading at any time across time zones, leading to higher interest from investors and significantly easier for your company to raise capital.


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Providing A Secure Environment for Your Digital Assets!

As we enter the era of security token offerings (STO), digital assets will play an ever increasing important role in the financial sector. Through custody of blockchain-based digital assets, investors will gain access to completely new asset classes in the form of tokens, with the same legal certainty as the traditional financial markets.

Propine is leading the way by becoming the first independent digital custody services provider in Monetary Authority of Singapore’s regulatory sandbox to be granted a Capital Market Services Licence. As a regulated financial intermediary, we provide custodial and asset servicing solutions to accredited and institutional investors.

With our state-of-the-art technology-agnostic platform supporting both public and private blockchains, our offering comes with fully segregated accounts in the name of the end customers, coupled with layered governance and security practices built in for safe maintenance and delivery.

Why us?

    Comprehensive End-to-End Securities Services

    ISO 27001 Certified, Audited & Protected

    Institutional-Grade Policy Controls with Multi-User Accounts

    Regulatory Compliance

    24×7 Incident Response


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